A Pirate's Life!
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Welcome To Pirate's Buried Treasures!

Inspired by the era of pirates and the joy of treasure hunting, Captain Blue Eye brings to you a realistic approach to a childhood fantasy of adventure and finding buried treasure!

Many treasures await discovery and each treasure hunter has an opportunity to exploit the wealth across the lands. Treasure hunters determined to have a prosperous career may find themselves enjoying many adventures filled with unique stories, riddles, quests and encounters. A well equipped treasure hunter may find various adventures relatively easy and enjoyable while the not-so-well equipped hunter may fall on hard times.

As you journey through the lands, you may encounter other treasure hunters, which may appear to be kind hearted souls seeking friendship and adventure. These treasure hunters may be friendly individuals or they may be rogue pirates seeking an opportunity to plunder yer gold, not to mention yer dignity.....


Time be the one thing we may not recover from loss. Material items can be replaced, but time with our loved ones be a treasure in it's own. The Captain began his pirate life in the name of his children and they made wonderful memories along the way. If ye shall venture out with yer children, yer elders, yer significant other and yer friends, rest assured ye shall make treasured memories to last a lifetime!


The Black Sails Treasure Hunt

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

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Everyone Loves A Treasure Hunt!

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