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The Home Port Of Captain Blue Eye be deep within the lands of The Great Peninsula. Although he travels frequently to lands near and far, The Captain always returns to his favorite home port at least once a month. Some stays may be short while others be somewhat long. The Captain's Treasures, however, are currently placed in all but three states nationwide. More details are provided within the pages of this online portal and printed documentation as well.

Due to the intense passion of many many treasure hunters, The Captain only publishes his email address and a location for a nearby mail bouy. If you wish to communicate with The Captain, feel free to drop him a few words. If he is away on an adventure, one of the crew shall either respond for him or forward your message to his current location.

The Quarterdeck's mailing address is as follows:

The Quarterdeck

PO Box 120874

Clermont, FL 34712

CaptainBlueEye @ Pirates Buried Treasures Dot Com



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If you would like to send a special gift to a special little pirate, we have an idea!

Pirate kits are available to get those little pirates started on their adventures and if you so desire, Captain Blue Eye will personally contact your pirate via email!