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The Legend Of Captain Blue Eye!

Many years before our time, an honorable pirate captain sailed the seven seas. Fathered by a noble man in the service, The Captain learned the traditions of honor, commitment and loyalty. Wronged by the ruthless scoundrels throughout his life, he learned the skills of survival and living for the day. The Captain goes on many adventures and tends to bury treasure everywhere he goes. For those questioning the sheer number of treasures buried, ye may wish to inquire within a special find.....

The Legend Of Captain Blue Eye holds clues ye may seek!.

The Legend Of Captain Blue Eye

The Legend Of Captain Blue Eye!

Over the years, Captain Blue Eye's travels took him from sea to shinning sea. No land was left without discovery, no beach untouched. Of the many regions explored by Captain Blue Eye, the comforts of the Caribbean became his most favored point to plunder. The warmth of the sun and sand relaxed the body and soul while the cool breeze provided full sails for swift adventure.


Everyone Loves A Treasure Hunt!

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