A Pirate's Life!
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The Black Sails Treasure Hunt Be Our Next

Treasure Hunt Fer Central Florida!

Team registration be required to participate in this series of treasure hunts. Registration be limited at each event based on feasible capacity to prevent over crowding and pre-registration is required. Discoveries submitted by non-registered scurvy dogs be removed from play and no rewards shall be issued fer those items.

Team registration shall NOT be available on the scheduled day of the event.


Team registration be limited fer each event to avoid over crowding and maximize the event experience.

Each team may consist of one to six pirates.

Children & adults be both allowed.

Bring drinks and healthy snacks to stay hydrated and keep yer energy up.

YE BE WARNED: Captain Blue Eye's Treasure Hunts be not easy, nor do we give participation trophies or participation rewards! Each team be afforded the same opportunities fer adventure, discovery, success or failure. Rewards be given to those who EARN THEM!

If ye be afraid of bugs, snakes, dirt, rain or other natural elements of the outdoors, or simply afraid of putting forth the effort necessary to be successful, feel free to enjoy yer air conditioned environment and be entertained by the updates on our Faceboof Fan Page. The Captain's Treasure Hunts be not fer everyone and negativity be ferbidden.


Treasure Hunting Teams

Each Treasure Hunting Team shall select their team name during registration. Ye shall decide yer team name, but keep it clean. Negative and/or tasteless team names shall not be accepted. If ye decide to register a team name that be negative and/or tasteless, yer team name shall be changed by The Captain prior to the event and The Captain guarantees yer new team name shall be much less desirable than yer own creativity would initially provide.

Points be given, recorded and announced as each team discovers items and completes challenges. Updates and additional challenges shall be posted on our Facebook Fan Page listed as Pirates Buried Treasures.

We highly recommend ye register as soon as possible. Once team slots have been filled, registration shall be closed.


Team Registration - $30.00, Team Registration & Treasure Map - $45.00

(Purchase of Trade Goods Cards is not necessary, but may be helpful to some)


Team Registration
Desired Team Name
Team Captain (real name)

Everyone Loves A Treasure Hunt!