A Pirate's Life!
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Captain Blue Eye be known from sea to sea and coast to coast. Fear not this unique pirate of honor and respect for he lives to bring a smile to others...... 

His sharp blade be reserved for those of a scoundrel kind!



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Wyoming Adventures!

The State Of Wyoming is an "Awe-Inspiring" region worth many many adventures! The beauty of the various mountain ranges, rangelands and prairies leaves no doubt as to the reasons for the creation of the worlds first National Park.

Grand Teton

  Initially explored by John Colter and the Lewis & Clark Expedition, details of this regions beauty eventually made it's way to the Caribbean. Upon receiving word of multiple geysers and many natural hot springs, Captain Blue Eye thought it best to investigate the area himself.


Old FaithfulMultiple adventures to the region and countless barrels of "Spring Water"  shipped back to the Caribbean account for a number of rumors claiming The Captain has in fact discovered the famed "Fountain of Youth".

In Captain Blue Eye's original pirate manual known as "The Black Flag Manual " he writes specific details of one particular spring within this area known to have "rejuvenating effects". Unfortunately, subsequent versions of this manual omit any reference to this particular spring. Scuttlebutt within local taverns claim a second manual has been written by The Captain for his line officers, which may contain the geographical coordinates for the spring in question.

 Grand Teton


Apparently, special spring water is not the only thing of value hidden within this region. Stories have been uncovered as of late which tell of "massive amounts of treasure"  brought here by Captain Blue Eye. Those close to him believe The Captain has been burying his treasure here for future generations. One such "retired" crew member stated The Captain believes those venturing to this area in search of treasure will believe the scenic beauty of the landscape is the "hidden treasure", therefore, they will end their search for The Captain's Pirate Gold!

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