A Pirate's Life!
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Captain Blue Eye be known from sea to sea and coast to coast. Fear not this unique pirate of honor and respect for he lives to bring a smile to others...... 

His sharp blade be reserved for those of a scoundrel kind!



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Nebraska Adventures!

The State Of Nebraska is far from the likes of a sailors life, but one worth investigating if you are in need of significant time ashore!

Chimney Rock

The rolling hills and great plains of this territory tend to discourage treasure hunters from searching for pirate treasures, but little do they known Captain Blue Eye has sailed through this area a number of times!

 Agate Fossil BedsWith it's rolling hills and great plains, this region has a rich history associated with the Ice Ages of ancient times. Various rock formations, caves and other landscapes are scattered about this region and hold secrets known by few.

Many pass through this region en route to other destinations beyond the horizon while others come to this area in search of fossil treasures buried beneath the grass and rock. Fortunately enough, the number of treasure hunters and pirates in the region provides security for Captain Blue Eye's treasures and caches!


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With Each Adventure, There Be Treasures To Plunder.....

With Each Journey, A Lesson To Learn! 


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