A Pirate's Life!
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Captain Blue Eye be known from sea to sea and coast to coast. Fear not this unique pirate of honor and respect for he lives to bring a smile to others...... 

His sharp blade be reserved for those of a scoundrel kind!



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Georgia Adventures!

The State Of Georgia may be full of sweet peaches, but few know it's full of Captain Blue Eye's treasures and caches as well! Georgia's close proximity to The Captain's home port in Florida makes frequent peach adventures a must!

Fort Mountain

 Timing is everything in life and a carefully planned adventure to this region may bring you unexpected pleasures. Fall foliage experiences are well known in the northeastern region, but similar and rewarding colorful journeys may be had in this southern region as well. Changing leaves are not the only golden treasures scattered about for this region be well stocked with Captain Blue Eye's Treasures!


Rock City Local tavern scuttlebutt talks of a rare location within the region which holds seven treasures buried in close proximity to a central location.

Coincidently, this location be visited by many over the years, but few know they are looking for the wrong treasures! Tis' true, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... If only they knew there's treasure below the horizon as well! 

 Woodstock  With The Captain's home port a skiffs journey to the south, this area be full of original treasures and caches placed during his earliest adventures.

New treasures and caches are placed on a regular basis and old forts, mills and other structures have stories to tell....

That is, if you have an ear to listen!  


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With Each Adventure, There Be Treasures To Plunder.....

With Each Journey, A Lesson To Learn! 


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