A Pirate's Life!
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Captain Blue Eye be known from sea to sea and coast to coast. Fear not this unique pirate of honor and respect for he lives to bring a smile to others...... 

His sharp blade be reserved for those of a scoundrel kind!



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California Adventures!

The State Of California is a favored destination of Captain Blue Eye due in part to the wide variety of geographical environments found within it's borders. Rumor has it The Captain has "special ties"  to this golden state, but none have been confirmed as of yet.


The various environments found within this western destination provides the foundation for a unique adventure of extreme heat as well as cold.

Local tavern scuttlebutt lays claim to vast amounts of Pirate Gold "buried on a rock"  in the north as well as on "Buffalo Island" in the south. These rumors have been all but dismissed due to a third associated rumor stating Pirate Gold was hidden in a single tree large enough to build a fleet of galleons.


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With Each Adventure, There Be Treasures To Plunder.....

With Each Journey, A Lesson To Learn! 


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