A Pirate's Life!
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Captain Blue Eye be known from sea to sea and coast to coast. Fear not this unique pirate of honor and respect for he lives to bring a smile to others...... 

His sharp blade be reserved for those of a scoundrel kind!



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Arkansas Adventures!

The State Of Arkansas is one lacking coastal ports, but the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers are prime waterways to navigate through this territory known as "The Natural State".

Many rivers, streams and waterfalls are hidden in the thick forests throughout this area and Captain Blue Eye has managed to exploit a number of these locations to hide his treasures and cache boxes.

 In keeping with a little known tradition of his, The Captain has selected several waterfalls in this region to hold large amounts of Pirate Gold!

Far from the coastal waters of pirate hunters, these treasures serve as an emergency repository for The Captain in case there is a need to fund a large fleet in the Caribbean. The Arkansas & Mississippi Rivers provide a swift and secure method to transfer such  large amounts of wealth to various rendezvous points to the south.  


Hawksbill Crag

Various treasure maps which have appeared in local taverns provide reference to the head of a "Stone Bird". This "Stone Bird" appears to be keeping watch over the largest of treasure troves known to have been buried within this region.


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With Each Adventure, There Be Treasures To Plunder.....

With Each Journey, A Lesson To Learn! 



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