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Pirate Halloween!

Well Mates, retail decorations be somewhat dissapointin' so we be expandin' our inventory to include decorations. It shall take time to incorporate the many holidays n' special events, but we shall begin with Halloween!

Blackbear Grave marker

These grave markers be made of solid wood with stain n' urethane to seal n' protect fer many years! Gone be the days of generic n' cheap retail plastic or foam decor.

Decorate your lawn with grave markers of real pirates in history!

Dates shown on the grave markers be the actural date the designated pirate be summoned to Davy Jones Locker!

If ye have a desire fer a custom grave marker, there be an option fer that as well!


Current inventories be goin' fast, but we be rampin' up production to fill orders quickly! Order yers today n' stand out from the crowd of boring retail decor!



Halloween Grave Markers

Pirate Grave Markers - $35.00 per Marker

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Additional Pirate/NonPirate/Fictional Grave Markers - $35.00 per Marker


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Custom Order - $45.00 per Marker

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