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Pirate Treasure Maps!

Captain Blue Eye's Treasure Maps are real maps to real treasures. These maps are only generated for treasures currently undiscovered at the time of production and maps are not produced until one is purchased.

From time to time, a treasure map may be discovered within a cache box or other secret location (including online destinations). These type of maps are generated with up to date information, but the accuracy may be questionable if a significant period of time has passed between the time of production and the time of your discovery.

Treasure Maps are used for the following:

  • Used For Exploration & Discovery Of Captain Blue Eye's Treasures
  • Used To Barter With Other Pirates For Information, Trade Goods & Other Maps
  • Used As Awesome Home Decor!

Treasure Maps are carefully designed using the latest technology and are printed on the finest cloth for long lasting durability. Some Treasure Maps may appear to be weathered due to the harsh conditions experienced from one pirate's hands to another, but all provide great detail and are worth their weight in gold!

Pirate Gold that is.......


State Treasure Maps

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Click On Your Desired State For A Treasure Map

Treasure Maps include information such as treasure name, treasure's location, coordinates to geocache boxes within the area and additional clues to additional treasures in the nearby area.



Everyone Loves A Treasure Hunt!

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