A Pirate's Life!
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PBT Treasure Hunting Events!

Captain Blue Eye's Treasure Hunting Events are a unique experience, quite different from simply purchasing a treasure map and setting out on your own adventure. These treasure hunting events are single-day pirate themed treasure hunts where multiple teams set out on an adventure to plunder the treasures hidden. Each item discovered is assessed a point value with Pirate Coins having an additional cash value as well. The team with the most points at the end of the day wins the treasure hunt and each team plundering Pirate Gold gets to keep their coins or surrender them for cash!

To maintain the integrity of The Captain's treasure hunts, the exact location of the hunt is only released to Registered Teams on the evening before the day of the treasure hunt. Treasure hunts are held at state or national parks and usually last from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Treasure Hunt Rewards

All of Captain Blue Eye's Treasure Hunts come with rewards. Rewards are given to teams finding Pirate Gold Coins as well as the team that plunders the most points in the game. Captain Blue Eye's Pirate Gold Coins are indeed a treasure of themselves. Many treasure hunters finding these treasures tend to keep them as momentos of their treasure hunting adventures and the memories they made while others surrender their finds to finance future adventures.

Treasure Hunting & The Challenges Ahead!

Cell phone usage is highly encouraged during The Captain's treasure hunts. The Captain tends to release additional information including riddles, pictures and clues every half hour (on social media), which may assist you in becoming successful treasure hunters! At times, specific team challenges will be released as well. The first team to successfully complete the challenge with receive additional team points or "other" rewards!

The more points your team gets, the better the chances are you will receive additional rewards up to and including cash!

For those of you with a true heart of a pirate, bonus points are rewarded for treasure hunters arriving with "full effects"!


Our Facebook Fan Page is listed as Pirates Buried Treasures.

Event information, instructions, updates and point worthy challenges will be posted on our Facebook Fan Page before, during and after each treasure hunt. Discoveries will be announced as they are reported.

Future Treasure Hunts

We are currently developing a number of public treasure hunting events both near and far. In addition, The Captain still has many treasures hidden across our lands as well as in the Bahama's and throughout the Caribbean Sea. The Captain will continue to place individual treasures for those seeking treasure hunting adventures on their own. He's been doing this for a very long time and there's no stopping him now!

Everyone Loves A Treasure Hunt!