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Additional Clues To Treasure!

For some treasure hunters, the acquisition of a treasure map may be deemed too difficult. For other's, a need for additional clues to treasures may be their desire. In either case, The Captain has provided additional clues to assist pirates in their treasure hunting adventures. One free card is provided for each item purchased and many cards may be discovered within hidden treasure chests and cache boxes so each discovery provides clues to yer next plunder!

Clue Cards Are As Follows:

Treasure Card


Treasure cards provide a picture and additional information to one specific treasure currently buried somewhere within the lands.


Cache Card


Cache cards provide gps coordinates to one geocache location. some cards provide a picture of the location as well and may reflect the exact location where the geocache is physically buried.


Landmark Card


Landmark cards provide valuable information regarding one specific landmark location as well as it's common name used among the local population.


Scuttlebutt Card


Scuttlebutt cards provide a valuable piece of information which may be quite useful in yer adventures. information provided on these cards may be about treasures, caches, secret locations or even passwords to various online destinations.




Everyone Loves A Treasure Hunt!

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