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The Black Sails Treasure Hunt!

Due to rough seas, The Black Sails Treasure Hunt scheduled fer November 18th, 2017 is being rescheduled post holiday season. Details regarding the new date of the treasure hunt shall be provided once they are established. Teams currently registered fer The Black Sails Treasure Hunt have two options.

Option #1 - Keep yer registration active & receive a bonus the morning of the treasure hunt.

Option #2 - Request a full refund.

If ye shall desire a full refund, send us an email or message us on FB.

If ye shall desire to keep yer registration active, no action be required. Keep yer eye on the horizon few details to come!

As we sail forth toward a new adventure, there be changes in the tradewinds ahead! The Black Sails Treasure Hunt shall continue the tradition of plundering treasures along yer path, but many new elements shall appear on the horizon as well!

As with any world associated with piracy, trade be essential fer prosperity and survival. The East India Company, also known as the East India Trading Company or EIC, shall make it's first appearance in this treasure hunting event, bringing with it many new challenges and elements to yer adventure! Pirate Teams shall set out on an adventure to hunt fer Captain Blue Eye's Pirate Gold, but there shall also be team challenges to complete and opportunities to trade various goods with other teams as well as the East India Company.

With the entry of the EIC, several key commodities will be available to plunder, trade and sell with other teams as well as the East India Company.

Team Challenges & Game Challenges

As yer team sets out on yer adventure, ye shall be given various challenges to complete along yer way. These challenges shall fall into one of two different categories. Team Challenges be challenges yer team completes in order to acquire team points, Trade Goods, Pirate Cards or Pirate Gold. Team Challenges shall be fer your team only and no other team shall know what yer challenges be unless ye provide them with the information yerself. Some Team Challenges shall come with treasure maps and others be available at the Quarterdeck. Game Challenges shall be challenges ye compete against other teams to complete as quickly as possible. A new element to this treasure hunt be most Game Challenges shall provide rewards to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams completing a given challenge.

In addition to having two different categories of challenges, the type of challenges shall vary as well. Some challenges may require acquisition of certain trade goods, ship profiles or other items of interest and other challenges be a matter of solving a riddle, answering a question, unscrambling a series of letters to define a word or phrase or posting a selfie at a designated location.

For example, one challenge shall involde the Master-At-Arms, Skully.

Skully be makin' his first appearance at The Black Sails Treasure Hunt. Skully shall be covered and each team be given an opportunity to guess which Pirate Shirt he be wearin'. The Teams who guess the right shirt shall be rewarded! Team members who may be wearin' the same shirt as Skully shall be rewarded as well!

Another example shall be: What be thy name of The Captain's Ship?

Those teams providing the correct answer shall be rewarded!

A third example might be: Unscramble this message


Trading goods with other teams and the EIC might prove to be quite effective in completing yer challenges ahead. There be a number of challenges with various levels of difficulty and indeed there be incentive fer all teams to trade together as well as with the EIC. Some completed challenges shall be rewarded with points and others shall be rewarded with cash. Trade Goods may be used to complete challenges, trade with other treams or trade with the EIC fer merchandise and/or other more useful trade goods to help ye complete additional challenges. Known Team Challenges shall be listed at the Quarterdeck. These known team challenges be providin' rewards to the first three teams that complete the challenge, rather than just one team. The rewards shall vary based on first, second and third place completions as well as level of difficulty.

Pirate Cards & Trade Goods Cards

Pirate Cards shall return again fer this treasure hunt and there be financial rewards within each Pirate Card. A cash tender shall once again be within each Pirate Card and the amount may vary from $1.00 to $100.00. There shall also be many new opportunities to acquire Pirate Cards throughout the day. Trade Goods Cards be a new addition to this treasure hunt and they shall include various trade goods, which may be used to complete challenges, trade with other teams or trade with the EIC. Trade Goods Cards may be necessary to complete certain team challenges (fer your specific team) and game challenges as well (all teams competing against one another).

Trading with other Pirate Teams be highly encouraged because trading with the East India Company shall be at a premium! The EIC may have what you need to complete a specific challenge, but a trade with the EIC may not be a one fer one trade. The Crown runs the EIC fer profit so some trades may require a two fer one deal. Trading opportunities shall be posted at the EIC and shall be the same vaulues fer all teams. Fer those Pirate Teams seeking a jump start on their personal challenges or ability to trade with other Pirate Teams and/or the East India Company, we be providin' a limited opportunity to purchase Trade Goods Cards during registration. Purchasing Trade Goods Cards in advance be not necessary and ye shall have many opportunities to discover and acquire Trade Goods during the course of the event. We do, however, acknowledge there may be those with a desire to get a jump start on their team challenges. We have provided a means fer yer team to acquire a limited supply in the beginning, but we be restricting each team to no more than ten Trade Goods Cards for initial purchase. There be many opportunities available to acquire cards and we do not want teams purchasing too many cards to swing the odds into their favor.

Treasure Maps

Once again, treasure maps be part of this treasure hunting experience, but there be additional features geared toward each individual team. Treasure Maps shall come with independent team challenges to afford each team an opportunity to conquer challenges and enjoy discovery without worryin' about another team beatin' them to the opportunity. These secret team challenges be included with the treasure map and no other team shall know about yer challenges unless ye provide them with the information. Each treasure map shall once again come with a number of X's noting treasure locations. Each X represents a general location for treasures, but not necessarily just one treasure. In addition, there may be other locations with treasures hidden, but not necessarily indicated on the treasure maps.

Treasure Hunt Rewards

All of Captain Blue Eye's Treasure Hunts come with rewards and The Black Flag Treasure Hunt shall come with rewards as well! Captain Blue Eye's Pirate Gold Coins indeed be a treasure of themselves. Many treasure hunters finding these true treasures tend to keep them as momentos of their treasure hunting adventures and the memories they made during the course of their adventures. As treasure hunters find more valuable coins, some of them return lower valued coins to finance future adventures.

Gold, Silver & Bronze Pirate Gold Coins will be included in this treasure hunt!

Cell phone usage be highly encouraged during this treasure hunt. They can be used to gain additional information regarding Team Challenges. While out on yer treasure hunting adventure, there shall be "checkpoints" for ye to discover. If ye follow the specified directions fer a given checkpoint, ye shall be rewarded!

The more points yer team gets, the better the chances be ye shall receive additional rewards up to and including cash!

We highly recommend ye register as soon as possible. Once team slots have been filled, registration shalll be closed.

Our Facebook Fan Page be listed as Pirates Buried Treasures.

Team Registration

Team registration be required to participate in The Black Sails Treasure Hunt. Team Registration is $30.00. Treasure Maps be an additional $15.00. Treasure Maps be not required to participate, but they be highly recommended. Points shall be given, recorded and announced as teams discover items and completes challenges. Registration be limited at each event based on feasible capacity to prevent over crowding and pre-registration be required. TEAM REGISTRATION SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT. On the morning of the event, registered teams shall report to The Quarterdeck to receive their gear, notices and event updates. Upon completion of yer treasure hunting adventure, each team shall report back to The Quarterdeck to submit their discoveries and receive rewards.




Registered Teams shall receive detailed information on the evening of November 17th regarding the exact location of the treasure hunt. The Black Sails Treasure Hunt shall begin at 9:00am on Saturday morning, November 18th, 2017 and shall end at 6:00pm.

Everyone Loves A Treasure Hunt!