A Pirate's Life!
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Pirate Adventures.... For All Ages!

Captain Blue Eye loves to travel. His passion lies within the search and discovery of new and interesting locations. State and National Parks be his destination of choice, but he has been known to stray from time to time. Unique adventures and interesting experiences be what draws The Captain to his outdoor passion. It be The Captain's longing desire for the families that be, to share the outdoors together and experience what this world of ours has to offer. If ye shall find some pirate gold along the way, all the better!

Where ever he goes, The Captain takes a hord of treasures & cache boxes to bury along his travels. The better part of ten years has been devoted to exhausting days and thought provoking nights traveling from location to location to bury his stash.

Adventures be many when it comes to searching for Captain Blue Eye's treasures.....

Some partake in weekend trips while others go for more enduring quests lasing a week or two. If you are unfamiliar with Captain Blue Eye and his vast amount of treasures buried across the lands, it may be worth noting there are treasures from sea to shining sea and within the Caribbean as well!